I have the elusive patch
Tue Aug 19, 2014 23:10

Hi George,
This is Mike, I did the show on Hist Detectives. I was in contact with Johnny for quite some time (have lost contact now unfortunately) However, I do have the patch as seen on the show and I am interested in selling it. My email is and my phone is 318-752-1536. Thanks for any help, leads or interest. If you have contact with Johnny still, please ask him to write if he'd like. Thanks again,,,Mike

  • Missing 320th Squadron PatchesGeorge Taylor, Mon Apr 8 11:09
    This is a follow-up on Johnny Signor's request. He mentions that the strange 320th patch was identified on Television after an extensive search. Our historian, Wiley Woods was involved in this... more
    • I have the elusive patch — coool8ball, Tue Aug 19 23:10
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