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Robert Walker
Re: Ruby's Ricksha
Sat Jan 28, 2017 16:59

Some effects were left to me From the son of Cpt. Lew Evans. who flew on the 90th BG / 320th squadron. Included are personal letters and a few pics; his dogtags, medals and citations; and some JIM from the PI., but most prominently is the original artwork for his aircraft. His wife's name was Ruby and he named the aircraft "Ruby's Ricksha."

I read an article somewhere online where his base was hit by a typhoon and his shelter was blown away. He and another airman had to ride out the typoon outdoors, on the lee side of a partial wall. I can't imagine!

Does anyone here know how I can get a transcript of that article? I'm putting together a shadow box for Cpt. Lewis and I wold like to have as much info on his time in service. On the back of one of the pics of the plane he wrote that "Ruby's Ricksha" was later shot down, but he didn't include any details.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    • Newspaper clippingsTodd, Sat May 6 11:40
      If you know the newspaper's name, you could look it up on , as loads of different papers have scanned their archived prints. I've had some luck finding articles on the 320th squadron,... more
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