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Kevin Maggio
Chester Long, Searching
Tue Sep 5, 2017 10:55

Seeking information on my grandfather, Chester Long, he was a Bombardier for the 90th in Guam (that's about all I have to go on.) Is there a more focused approach to search archives than just the hunt-and-peck I've been doing do far?
Thanks for any guidance,
Kevin Maggio

    • 90th bombardment groupdavid harter, Sun Sep 10 23:17
      my father was the CO of the 320th. lee harter, 1944 two books you can still get is " the jolly rogers the 90th bombardment group in the south west pacific 1942-1944. and Legacy of the 90th... more
    • Chester LongBob Tupa, Wed Sep 6 11:12
      Kevin Guam is not a location associated with the 90th. I have a post war roster prepared by a 90th vet that shows Chester F. Long at lt from Buffalo NY, serial #669343, listing him as ground... more
      • Chester longdavid harter, Sat Oct 7 12:32
        According to the book, Legacy of the 90th Bombardment group. Chester F Long was in the 320th Squadron. Their is a picture of the squadron on page 86. taken in 1943. He is listed as being in the... more
      • Chet LongAnonymous, Sat Sep 9 16:01
        YES! Chester F. Long was from Buffalo, NY. The serial number you gave is news to me so that's a fantastic piece to use in my search. Thank you so much. Appreciate any further search guidance... more
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