50 Cal Gal
Thu Feb 22, 2018 18:11

Thanks for the reply. I tried a different wording on a google search and an obituary from 2004 popped up and had the name of the pilot, James J. McAteer Jr from California and with the names in that obit, I found his son and managed to get ahold of him. Had a wonderful conversation, got his blessing to use the name on my bird and we are about to start communicating about his Dad and his service. I don't know yet if Mike has the names of the other guys, he said he would have to dig thru boxes but would forward what he found. I am still hopeful somebody out there may know something about 50 Cal Gal that will add to what I am learning. They were part of the Jolly Rogers Bomb group, Pacific Theater. Thanks for your help ALL. Best Regards, Keith

  • B24 "50 Cal Gal"Keith Toczek, Wed Feb 21 08:15
    B24D called "50 Cal Gal" with 10 man aircrew, fate unknown. Does anybody know anything about this aircraft and crew? There is one photo on the internet and I have gone to an Air Corps historian, but... more
    • 50 Cal Gal — Keith Toczek, Thu Feb 22 18:11
      • B24 "50 Cal Gal"heartofhighlands, Sun Feb 25 00:14
        WoW! That's great! I bet that means a lot to his son!
        • 50 Cal GalKeith Toczek, Sun Feb 25 09:47
          I want to say Thank You to the guys that have responded and passed on information. Mr. Tupa provided a treasure trove of pertinent info and photos. Turns out the nose art on the copilot side was the... more
      • B24 "50 Cal Gal"heartofhighlands, Sat Feb 24 01:00
        Good! Just don't give up!!!
    • B24 "50 Cal Gal"heartofhighlands, Thu Feb 22 17:45
      I'm a member of 2 nose art and aircraft FB groups. I searched both with the title, the serial numbers, and found nothing. I sure hope you find more! Don't give up!
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