Keith Toczek
50 Cal Gal
Sun Feb 25, 2018 09:47

I want to say Thank You to the guys that have responded and passed on information. Mr. Tupa provided a treasure trove of pertinent info and photos. Turns out the nose art on the copilot side was the signature of Joe. E. Brown, famous comedy actor of the day. The plane was named "Joe. E. Brown Unlimited" (bombs I assume) on the starboard side, 50 Cal Gal on the port side. Got a nice letter from CDR J. Bradford USN RET as a result of this posting site. Still looking forward to working with Mike McAteer to find the names and duties of the other guys on the crew. The name "Savage" came up in reference to the photo of these guys. Anybody know anything about the "Savage"? Best Regards, Keith

  • B24 "50 Cal Gal"heartofhighlands, Sun Feb 25 00:14
    WoW! That's great! I bet that means a lot to his son!
    • 50 Cal Gal — Keith Toczek, Sun Feb 25 09:47
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