david 240
Lloyd Boone
Mon Feb 26, 2018 22:52

I am looking for any information anyone might have on my great-uncle Lloyd Boone Jr. He was a bombardier in the 90th, but I do not know what squadron or crew he was on. If anyone has this information I would greatly love to get it, along with any pictures anyone might have.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts!

David Winther

    • Re: Lloyd BooneAnonymous, Tue Feb 27 17:51
      Thank you both!
    • Lloyd BooneBob Tupa, Tue Feb 27 11:36
      DICKERT, JAMES R. #742413, 319th Sqdn. Boone, Lloyd N. #782967, (cp), Benner, Vernon R. #734869, (b), Hathaway, William C. #747556, (n), Whitehouse, Charles C. #37454570, (e), Lopuh, George... more
    • Lloyd Boone Linda Phillips, Tue Feb 27 10:06
      David ... my father was also a member of the 90th Bomb Group. He and Lloyd Boone were good friends during that time in history. I have several pictures of Mr. Boone that were taken somewhere in the... more
      • Re: Lloyd Boonedavid 240, Tue Feb 27 17:59
        Linda, how do I find your e-mail address? I am david@winthernet.net
        • 90th Bomb GroupLinda P, Tue Feb 27 18:32
          David ... my email address is lindaandjayp@msn.com. I've ben working on scanning some of the photos. There are four or five of Lloyd Boone and I've also scanned some other "interesting" photos I... more
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