david harter
b24 texas terror
Mon Mar 5, 2018 23:29

think i sent this another time, and it may not have gone, anyway check google, think i saw quit a bit on it.

  • texas terror 41-23825rontowson, Tue Feb 27 23:32
    Hello everyone. This a great board, so informative. Does anyone have any information on B24 "Texas Terror" 41-23825 which crashed on Hinchenbrook Island in northern Australia on its delivery run to... more
    • b24 texas terror — david harter, Mon Mar 5 23:29
    • Texas Terrorheartofhighlands, Mon Mar 5 14:25
      I sure hope someone will be able to help you. Don't give up! I'm a member on 2 nose art FB pages. I searched both to see if anything came up. Here's a link to a post in WWII Nose Art Fans:... more
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