Christopher Mohr
Pug Nose Princess
Wed Dec 5, 2018 12:59

I am searching for any information on the B24 Pug Nose Princess. The Pilot Should be Marion "Slim" Grotewold
This was my Children's Great Grandfather. He passed away many years ago but I used to have many conversation with him about his plane. He had given me a model with the skull and cross bombs and said that was the Bomb group that he was in. Thanks!

    • Pugnose Princessheartofhighlands, Thu Dec 13 20:34
      I'm sure you have found this, but just in case: (with photo). I
    • 44-51682 B-24MAnonymous, Tue Dec 11 06:40
      I found this tail number 44-51682 which should be his aircraft.
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