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Mike Montesano
Mon Dec 6, 2010 07:40


You might try this for searching out serial#s etc regarding names. I found that putting the name in the "Search this Series" box is better than using the boxes further down. I ran Dale Thornhill and he came right up.,sl

  • Condor B24 Crew Iron range AustraliaMik, Sun Dec 5 07:23
    I was hoping that someone may be able to assist me in attempting to try and find out some of the 90th Bombardment Group members that I can't find their serial numbers? The following men's names are... more
    • NARA — Mike Montesano, Mon Dec 6 07:40
      • crewmick, Mon Dec 6 08:47
        I would be wary of using that site - as I dont think that is the right serial number for THORNHILL - I have had my post answered thanks
        • Re: crewMike Montesano, Mon Dec 6 09:32
          You are welcome anyways. The site is very useful, but you need to know that serial numbers change. I know they sometimes do when ranks change. Which might explain the discrepancy you have noticed.... more
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