Mon Jun 7, 2010 12:40

i would like to buy a malinois puppy, probably within the next year and a half so i am looking through the internet to find a good breeder. i have a german shepherd mix female, but i have never bought a purebred dog before, so i probably would need some hepl in my puppy searching.
i am from latvia, but malinois are not very popular here, so i doubt i could find a puppy in my country. so i should look somewhere abroad. which countries and kennels would be the most recommended?
my purposes for the dog are sports - agility, obedience, frisbee, protection work and overall an active canine companion who would enjoy long walks and active life style with strong drives, workability and instincts.

    • malinoisdaysza, Mon Jun 7 23:37
      Try Van Kemphuis Kennels in Holland, Dany Maison is not a breeder, but he comes in France may have what you're looking for. Also, Barriques Malinois in L.I., NY (USA). Chenil du Victoire in C.T.... more
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