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barking up wrong tree...
Fri May 31, 2013 06:27

Linda -

While I certainly can understand and empathize with your frustration, in this case, you're barking up the wrong tree. I happened upon this forum to find an answer the question that I asked, having never before done any more with the breeds of golden retrievers and poodles than been a proud owner of both breeds (2 of each...all 4 males, in fact). I am from Georgia, and attended UGA (home of the Georgia "Bulldawgs") and it seemed like a cute name to type into the "author" field. Nothing more. Had it not been for the email regarding your response from the forum, I would have never even remembered that I happened to choose that name.

If you are concerned with the protection of your trade name, than I would suggest contacting a reputable trademark attorney to help you with those rights.

Otherwise, appreciate the extra drum up of business from the AJC ad and call it a day. I'd say it's pretty outstanding you're getting buyers from Georgia all the way out in Washington state...

Good luck to you,

The poster formerly referred to as "doodledawg"

  • How are you doodledawg?Linda Denmark - Doodledawgs, Thu May 30 23:05
    I am checking to see why you are using the name "doodledawg". That is my breeding name and has been so for many years. If you do a search on "doodledawgs" it will come up with my website. A breeder... more
    • barking up wrong tree... — "doodledawg", Fri May 31 06:27
      • Thanks for your response.Linda Denmark - Doodledawgs, Fri May 31 09:41
        I had tried to contact you after someone that responded to your ad told me where they found it and the ad had already finished running. I really don't have a problem with the extra advertising but... more
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