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Janece Goldendoodle Acres
Yes, can be passed on...
Sat Nov 12, 2016 07:09

My vet just researched this for me. It can be passed on to pups... previously thought it was caused by mom's tugging at umbilical cord. It's not.

  • Puppy with herniaNick, Mon Oct 31 21:16
    I just purchased a puppy with the intent to breed. Got home and examined the puppy even closer and realized there is a very small umbilical hernia. Has anyone ever bred a dog that had a umbilical... more
    • Yes, can be passed on... — Janece Goldendoodle Acres, Sat Nov 12 07:09
    • Re: Puppy with herniaCooksdoodles, Fri Nov 11 19:59
      Most umbilical hernias are caused by trauma to umbilcal cord at whelping or while still attached. I likely would not breed a dog with one but it is unlikely that it is going to be passed on.
    • Re: Puppy with herniaAnne, Mon Oct 31 23:21
      most pups will pass this on. I would not consider a pup with a hernia to be breeding quality
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