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Breeding question
Sat May 20, 2017 13:33

First of all, I have that dog, I was told and it is on my contract that the dog I purchased was a F1B Golden doodle whose parents are a Golden Doodle and Standard Poodle. After 6 months and having a dog that looked like a small Golden Retriever, sheds worse that my former Golden Retriever I had a DNA test done, The father is no poodle a golden Retriever and the mother a golden Doodle - F1, My dog is 78% GR. One of the other dogs in the litter ( 5 looks like mine, 3 like GD ) had DNA testing done hers 85% GR
Also from what I have learned breeder DO NOT breed a GR and a Doodle ever. That is not an F1B
Save your money and get a GR if that is what you want. The "mutt" I have is a shedder and in no way hypoallergenic, my daughter cannot come to my house or be near the dog. A disaster

  • Breeding questioncaaflanagan, Wed Apr 12 11:03
    Hello, just was wondering if anyone has ever bred a goldendoodle with a Golden retriever. Wonder if the shedding would be worse than an f1b golden doodle. Thanks in advance!!!
    • Breeding question — Mickey, Sat May 20 13:33
      • Re: Breeding questionMartha *Lighthouse LD's*, Mon May 22 15:03
        Where did you get your pup? Did you meet the breeders in person? Did you see parents? If not then Ide say you possibly got screwed by unsrupulous breeders.
    • yes, the shedding would be moreJan, Thu Apr 13 00:09
      breedimg questions belong on the Doodle Breeders Discussion forum at:
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