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Tue May 23, 2017 00:44

Hi there Mickey!

I am sorry to hear about your frustrations with your puppy! I am also sad to see what appears to be a frustrated reply to Kendra, who has taken the time out of her busy day to try and help you, as you were asking for. And yes, she is a fantastic breeder with a great reputation so pls do show respect to those of us willing to respond to you for no other reason than to be helpful. I too am a breeder and actually have raised both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. I have raised every generation for both breeds so I've seen the wide range of coats you get when raising them. The coats can vary a lot, most often with the earlier generations. Even within a litter (usually the earlier gens), there will be a variety of different coat types and textures. A quick google search will make that easy to see. It's one of my favorite things about Doodles because they are unique but it also makes it difficult because we can't always predict exactly what a coat will be like, especially from a young puppy around 8-10 weeks old. A couple of things came to mind after reading over your responses....... A) It is true that you'd also need to do DNA tests on the parents to get an accurate answer and the type that you did is known to be highly inaccurate..unfortunately. B) And it is true, as Kendra mentioned, that a Poodle can carry the shedding gene and that there are flat coated doodles. Genetics are a funny thing and we often try to control it but nature has it's way. Same in when someone says to two parents,' where did your kid get that fire engine curly red hair?' and they tell you about a great aunt on their moms side with red hair... Again, as Kendra mentioned, some genetics can be very dominant and they don't always happen equally. Think of a deck of cards being thrown up in the air....they aren't all going to land equally so some pups might resemble more of a Golden and others might resemble more of a Poodle, and some might be in the middle, etc. C) I don't know the breeders name and hope that you would have checked them out prior to purchasing a dog from them. Did they give you any reason to think they would be lying to you at the time you bought the dog? Regardless, I would think that if they offered to take the puppy back after 3 months & refund your money, then they might be a half-way decent person. YOU chose not to return it because you were attached to the dog and I'm not sure what else they could have done at that point? It wouldn't make sense for them to refund your money without you returning the dog because it wasn't a health issue and there wasn't anything wrong with it, other than you were unhappy with it's appearance....... which leads to my next point/question....D) It's now been a year......why has it been so long? You chose to not return the dog because you were at this point, the dog obviously has a great personality and you love him/her enough to keep it, does it matter the exact percentage of Golden/Poodle? Please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to make light of your concern that the breeder could have lied....that would be terrible..... but the early gens are known for being unpredictable in terms of how much or little they will shed, what type of coat it may turn out to be, none of this is really out of the realm of possibility. Can it be a disappointing? Of course! But does it mean deceit or malicious/ill-intent on the breeders part? No...definitely not...As you can see, there are too many factors out of everyones control that could play a part in it. Again, I don't want to downplay someone lying but given that it's an early gen Doodle (regardless if it's an F1 or F1B), you've now waited a year, the breeder was willing to refund & you were unwilling to return the dog and now have a lovely furry companion you adore......I'm not sure what else you can expect to happen? So your groomer thinks it looks like a Golden.... that's how the cards fell..... I bet it will love you just the same. ;)

  • GeneticsKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Sun May 21 06:18
    The only way to confirm parentage would be to do an oral swab on both the dam and sire to collect DNA cells. Vetgen can verify parentage via DNA for you BUT the companies out there do breed... more
    • Re: — Julie, Tue May 23 00:44
      • sheddingDebbie-FernRidge, Wed May 24 08:17
        I wonder why Mickey didn't buy an ALD multigen? Then no worries about shedding. Even FB1's can have problems. Couldn't afford one?
        • Debbie-FernRidgeAnonymous, Thu May 25 00:41
          Is this comment really necessary?
          • sheddingDebbie Young, Thu May 25 09:45
            Perhaps not----but was meant honestly---folks, sometimes, try to save money and get what you pay for....always research both breed and breeder prior to buying! Know what you may or may not be... more
            • Was this comment necessary?Linda Rogers, Fri May 26 09:53
              YES, I agree with you, Debbie. This is about breed/breeder education. It's part of the subject. People sometimes don't like the answers they get when they ask questions. has all the ... more
    • GENETICSMICKEY, Sun May 21 08:10
      • Flat Coated F1b GoldendoodlesKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Mon May 22 06:47
        If you do a Google search for "flat coated F1b goldendoodles" you will find a lot of images of dogs very similar to yours because as stated before genetically this is still possible with an F1 and... more
      • Re: GENETICSAnonymous, Sun May 21 23:19
        Why don't you post a copy of the results from Cornell so we can understand how they came up with their conclusion?
      • GeneticsMaureen , Sun May 21 09:00
        Kendra was respectful to you and kind enough to give you an answer and deserves the same respect from you. And yes, she has been an informed, reputable breeder for many years.
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