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Thu May 25, 2017 00:41

Is this comment really necessary?

  • sheddingDebbie-FernRidge, Wed May 24 08:17
    I wonder why Mickey didn't buy an ALD multigen? Then no worries about shedding. Even FB1's can have problems. Couldn't afford one?
    • Debbie-FernRidge — Anonymous, Thu May 25 00:41
      • sheddingDebbie Young, Thu May 25 09:45
        Perhaps not----but was meant honestly---folks, sometimes, try to save money and get what you pay for....always research both breed and breeder prior to buying! Know what you may or may not be... more
        • Was this comment necessary?Linda Rogers, Fri May 26 09:53
          YES, I agree with you, Debbie. This is about breed/breeder education. It's part of the subject. People sometimes don't like the answers they get when they ask questions. has all the ... more
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