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Kendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles
Thu Jun 1, 2017 06:26

To be really honest it cost more to run a good operation than you can expect to make. You have to come into this out of A) extreme love for breeding because this isn't for the faint of heart. B) deep pockets because breeding most of the time costs you thousands more than you make.

Just to purchase girls with breeding rights can cost you $9,000.00-$15,000 per bitch. You then must invest $1,000-$3,000 in health testing before you breed the dog.

You will have to hire a stud which will cost $2,500-$3,000. in the stud fee alone but there are vet fees for things such as progesterone testing (3-5 tests at $99-$150 each), Brucellosis testing $150. BUT first you will need to develop relationships within the community so that someone trusts you as a newcomer enough to stud out their dog to you.

You could have no puppies after spending this money, you could have one puppy in the litter, four, or six but I would never count on more than that.

Once puppies arrive you have expenses for vet services (puppy fecals, vaccines, medication, spay/neuter, microchip, health certificates).

To raise puppies you are going to need a whelping box from durawhelp or similar (this is the cheapest one on the market), puppy bedding, scale, heater, puppy pen, flooring, cleaning supplies, toys.. this list is almost endless).

It takes years to turn a profit so that you can leave your job. This is not a get rich quick job.

I just lost 4 puppies! Spent $8,000 in the process to save them. I am experienced and one would assume that experience would have prevented this loss but even my vet is highly experienced and it was not preventable. I am now refunding payments families made.

Outside of some of these expenses you have to build a website which costs money even to do it on your own, you need a good enough camera to get quality images for your site, your dogs will need regular grooming to look their very best at all times and grooming is expensive.

You may buy two girls for breeding and once they mature go to test them and they may FAIL testing making them unbreedable. Now you have lost time and money.

You may have two girls already but trust the community will require to see proof of breeding rights on your dogs before allowing you to use their studs.

Also note there are multiple breeders in EVERY state already! Most who have been doing this for years, you are going to struggle placing your first litter of puppies because you do not have a well known name and are not established.

Oh and if you buy a puppy now to raise for breeding, it will be 2 years before it is ready to be bred!

  • How much can you expect to make? Kayla, Wed May 31 20:06
    I plan to have one, maybe 2 standard labradoodle mamas. I don't want more because I want to be able to take good care of everybody. How often can you expect to have a litter. How many in a litter?... more
    • starting out & planningMaureen ~, Fri Jun 2 00:07
      I applaud you for planning & trying to consider careers that let you stay at home! My tax return says I could've made more cash with a job at the mall but I stayed home and raised our kids while... more
      • Labradoodle Ranch!Maureen Wicker, Fri Jun 2 00:09
        wheres auto correct when you want it?!
    • How MuchDJ, Thu Jun 1 06:43
      Zero! The expenses out weigh the profits when starting out. If you set it up properly with your accountant you may reap a tax benefit but you should expect little or no profit the first few years.... more
    • Expectations — Kendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodles, Thu Jun 1 06:26
      • How much will you make Joanne , Thu Jun 1 08:02
        Yes, I have been breeding 6-7 years and I agree with everything Kendra has said. Take her advice seriously, she has not overstated the cost at all.
        • How much will you makeTina Overton, Thu Jun 1 10:10
          Hi Kayla, I am a new breeder as I have only been breeding for about four years now. My accountant just said to me this tax season that my output was more then my yield for the third time...did I want ... more
    • How much can I expect to makeJpc, Wed May 31 23:58
      Hi Kayla, the short answer (IMO) is that you will make some money, some years--and you will lose thousands some years. The smaller your program the more difficult it will be to turn a profit.... more
    • How muchSara DeProy, Wed May 31 23:35
      The variables are many. There are a lot of expenses especially when you are getting set up.The std. doodles can have 10-14 puppies or a few as 6. Testing costs about 800.-1000. per dog. I get 1500.... more
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