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Tina Overton
How much will you make
Thu Jun 1, 2017 10:10

Hi Kayla, I am a new breeder as I have only been breeding for about four years now. My accountant just said to me this tax season that my output was more then my yield for the third time...did I want to keep doing this? I had five litters last year with a minmum of four pups and a max of 8. There is much to do, some purchases you don't have to repeat, many with each litter you do. My first litter I spent nine thousand dollars trying to save a pup that accidentally got a candle dropped on him, sadly he didn't make it. I almost dropped the business because that was just so gut wrentching. I am so happy with my pups that not breeding now is just not an option. But it does take time and unless you have a lot of help, infants and pups both demand your attention. Goodluck

  • How much will you make Joanne , Thu Jun 1 08:02
    Yes, I have been breeding 6-7 years and I agree with everything Kendra has said. Take her advice seriously, she has not overstated the cost at all.
    • How much will you make — Tina Overton, Thu Jun 1 10:10
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