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Leah S. (D & L Doodles)
Soaker Pads
Sat Aug 19, 2017 09:30

Hello everyone!
I haven't been here in a *very* long time. Dean and I bred our last litter of doodles in Minnesota almost 7 years ago. I miss my doodle puppies terribly! But our lives have gone a different direction, and the puppies helped us add 5 more kids to the house via adoption. (well we had to take a little break while I did some time in the chemo chair to treat breast cancer.) You may remember my biological daughter Angela has Down syndrome? All the kids we have brought into our family also have Down syndrome.

Anyway, I used to sell Hospital Soaker Pads to many of my fellow breeders here. Blue is allowing me to post, to see if there is still interest in them? They are AMAZING to use in whelping pens! I would put down several layers, then pull the top ones off as they became soiled. They are machine washable and very heavy duty. I always kept my cost reasonable and competitive. If you're interested, you can comment here or email me privately at deanleah at

Pads are 32x32 with a waterproof backing

    • Soaker padsJan from Heartland, Tue Aug 22 11:48
      Hi Leah, I e-mailed you a few days ago but not sure you received my inquiry. We have ordered from you before :) Jan
      • re: soaker padsJan from Heartland, Wed Aug 23 11:18
        Hi Leah, My e-mail address is Please contact me! Thanks, Jan
    • soaker padsLinda Rogers, Sun Aug 20 23:10
      Please email me about the soaker pads and thanks for mentioning them! We've used old sheets, and also butcher paper, as liners. Thanks! Linda Rogers
      • padsFernRidge Labradoodles, Tue Aug 22 09:10
        Linda---are these pads fuse or is the backing a loose nylon type fabric?
      • Soaker PadsAnonymous, Tue Aug 22 08:40
        I am interested in knowing how much they are, please.
    • Re: Soaker PadsDeb - A Sky View Labradoodle, Sun Aug 20 07:43
      That's what I used when I was breeding, and I don't know what I'd have done without them. After I stopped breeding, I found they are a great fit for the square dog beds from Costco, so they are still ... more
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