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Jeff Nienhaus
Pet buyer wanting to breed
Thu Dec 7, 2017 15:17

Want to give a heads up to everyone. A lady by the name of Mary Barbour located in Palos Hills, IL sent me an email this morning asking if we require a spay/neuter or if they can have a litter with the girl. We then told them the severity of doing that and they are buying the pup as a pet, not a breeder and we decide if and to who we sell a breeder to. We then got a heads up from one of you all that confirmed that the person was inquiring about breeding a pup from us. We refunded her deposit and sent an email that she will not be picking the pup up this weekend and we have refunded her deposit. She then followed up by phone saying that this was a big mistake and please still allow the sale. She even went as far as to say it was a friend who had a male Golden doodle and suggested they breed her to the Golden. She said that she corrected her friend saying the contract did not allow for that and she would not do that. She then went as far as to say "on my childrens lives, I would never do that". That was where I stopped her and said she was embarrassing herself at best, because another breeder let me know what her intentions were and wanted to know how she could go about registering the female. So I said, this conversation is over and we will not be selling her a puppy. Hopefully her intentions of breeding a dog are now over. But in case she has not, here is her email as well: and Phone:Work 708-599-5529 Cell: 708-921-5529

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