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Solder grades.
Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:36pm

I see this ad at Shop Jimmy's: ShopJimmy 100g/0.22lbs 63/67 Rosin Core Solder Wire 0.8mm/0.031

I used to use 50/50 solder on car radiators and 60/40 for electronics. To me that meant 50% tin and 50% lead. Same deal for 60/40.

So, how can you have 63/67? That would add up to 130%. Mis-print? 63/37 maybe? Or, is there a new system?

    • Solder....?Spark, Sat Nov 19 8:28pm
      Hey Wayne are you Boo? Anyway, I'd say misprint, heck I have solder from years ago, all are 60/40 but I remember reading about no more lead, has to be silver solder, IDK? Interesting note on that, I... more
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