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Bose 550
Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:18pm

I know this is a stretch but will give it a shot. Someone dropped off this old Bose audio receiver, lights up no sound. Checked all the obvious stuff. Don't think schematics available for Bose. (yeah I'm pretty much retired from this too)

    • Yeah, that's a stretch alright. I don'tWayne, Sat Aug 26 11:37pm
      think I have ever seen a Bose schematic. I just looked in the database at the only group I still belong to...nada on a Bose 550 (or any Bose receiver for that matter). Good luck with it!
      • Re: Yeah, that's a stretch alright. I don'tAnonymous, Sun Aug 27 11:26am
        Thanks Boo, I actually found a service manual download for free but only has a block diagram, no schematic. But that might get me in the ballpark if I pursue it further.
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