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The former?
Sun Oct 8, 2017 12:14pm

You're not Joe anymore?

  • New Speakerjoe sopko, Fri Oct 6 3:07pm
    for October: Regards, (the former) Joe Sopko, Consumer Service co
    • The former? — Wayne, Sun Oct 8 12:14pm
      • speakerjoe sopko, Sun Oct 8 5:41pm
        Yes, I'm still "Joe", but I'm not "Consumer Service Co" anymore... I closed my shop & retired about 2 years ago - (Early retirement at age 49.) So now I am (the former) Joe Sopko, Consumer Service Co
        • Just yankin' your chain Joe!Wayne, Tue Oct 10 1:44pm
          I enjoyed this issue as always. On your comments about retirement all I can say is DITTO!
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