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Well, let's see what happens if I attempt a new thread...
Thu Feb 18, 2010 07:36

Lately I've taken to playing around with the few tools in my possession. Knifemaking has always fascinated me but there's never been a chance to learn to do it right. Someone left an old beat up knife here. The same folks apparently also "lost" some of our stuff as well. So it caused me no pain to reform the old blade into something more useful. Years of abuse and mistreatment had left a misshapen blade with deep gouges from a grinder on the side. Still, it seemed to be good steel so I used a dremel type tool to cut off an inch and a half or so from the tip and remove the pronounced heel that had built up at the rear of the blade. This left me with a lightweight blade shaped more to my liking. Some nylon cord was fastened along the tang and then lashed in place with nylon twine, capped at the end with a blob of epoxy putty. A layer of epoxy was smeared all over, followed by a tight winding of nylon cord which was fastened to the pommel by the simple expedient of melting the end and adhering it there. The entire handle section was then covered with a liquid rubber I obtained some time ago for dipping tool handles in. And the result? Well, here she is in all her radiant (chuckle-gasp-chortle-cough-guffaw)beauty.

    • That looks like something that might have come out of a prison cell... very efficient with a hint of wickedness...
      • Natural born talent I guess. :)Paul, Sun Feb 21 11:48
        It doesn't take much to make up a shiv. To do a real knife, now THAT would take talent. I put up a small blurb a while back on my blog about "When Guns Are Outlawed" that showed pictures of over... more
    • Beautyswshooter, Thu Feb 18 15:07
      I have to say that beauty is sometimes found in function.You took something that was junk and with your own hands made it usable again.I think there is a certain beauty in that.Nice job. God bless,... more
      • shiv's, knives and edged...Big John, Wed Feb 24 21:37
        things in general... Yes, I'd say that is a nice job considering what you had to work with there. And yes, I look at the blade and 'making's' I'm working on for you at least twice a day when I pass... more
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