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John A
Paul, where did you get your training in making a shiv???
Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:39

That looks like something that might have come out of a prison cell... very efficient with a hint of wickedness...

  • Lately I've taken to playing around with the few tools in my possession. Knifemaking has always fascinated me but there's never been a chance to learn to do it right. Someone left an old beat up... more
    • Paul, where did you get your training in making a shiv??? — John A, Sun Feb 21 11:39
      • Natural born talent I guess. :)Paul, Sun Feb 21 11:48
        It doesn't take much to make up a shiv. To do a real knife, now THAT would take talent. I put up a small blurb a while back on my blog about "When Guns Are Outlawed" that showed pictures of over... more
    • Beautyswshooter, Thu Feb 18 15:07
      I have to say that beauty is sometimes found in function.You took something that was junk and with your own hands made it usable again.I think there is a certain beauty in that.Nice job. God bless,... more
      • shiv's, knives and edged...Big John, Wed Feb 24 21:37
        things in general... Yes, I'd say that is a nice job considering what you had to work with there. And yes, I look at the blade and 'making's' I'm working on for you at least twice a day when I pass... more
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