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Big John
shiv's, knives and edged...
Wed Feb 24, 2010 21:37

things in general...
Yes, I'd say that is a nice job considering what you had to work with there. And yes, I look at the blade and 'making's' I'm working on for you at least twice a day when I pass that part of my work bench.
I guess everyone has seen the photo's of the knives I've made on the website. I made one last year (or the year before???) for a CIA friend of mine. It was a really beautiful 4" Damascus drop point hunter with a brass guard then about an inch of water buffalo horn and then the rest of the handle was red wine Dymondwood . He carried it in Afghanistan in the sheath I made for it, but instead of on his belt, he carried it on his ankle by using one of those new wide elastic blousing bands. Well, he told me that he was slicing pickles one day and the acid in them stained the blade. Well, not really unusual for high carbon steel Damascus to take a 'stain' (actually etched from the acid), especially if it isn't washed off right away. Anyway, when he left Afghanistan he sent it home in hold baggage. Yeah, right you are if you guessed it got ripped off, 'cuz it did. Gone. Too bad, too. It was a nice knife. Oh, BTW Paul, he waited at least as long as you have for me to finish his knife ~ but finish it I did, and I promise I'll finish yours, too. I'll even hurry now, because the docs say they have to replace both of my shoulders. The martial arts and fighting damage done to them over the years and the arthritis damage is far to bad to do anything with except to just saw off the bad parts and put in new ones. I hope they're like my artificial knee - that and the plastic section of my skull are about the only parts I have that don't hurt! LOL!!

  • Beautyswshooter, Thu Feb 18 15:07
    I have to say that beauty is sometimes found in function.You took something that was junk and with your own hands made it usable again.I think there is a certain beauty in that.Nice job. God bless,... more
    • shiv's, knives and edged... — Big John, Wed Feb 24 21:37
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