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Big John
Sun Jul 25, 2010 16:04

Damn! Thanks John! I've been hoping someone would stop by and help get this going again.
I'd try the same thing out here, but for the past few dry monsoon seasons the pond wouldn't get enough water each year to even keep the bottom damp let alone fill it. I'd have to pump water into it from my well. Even then I seriously doubt any ducks would come this way. I've never seen a flock of ducks, geese or anything other than a few buzzards or Harris hawks. Harris hawks are the only hawks that hunt in groups that I know of. Hope you get the ducks back for many years to come.
For anyone interested, my right shoulder total replacement was a total success and I'll be getting the left shoulder done Aug 9th. That will make one totally artificial knee and both shoulders, with added parts in my neck & lumbar spine plus extra lead in various locations. Contrary to general opinion I didn't already have lead in my ass so I didn't have to get any removed - all I need to do is move a little more quickly!
Better for you to mow the weeds than me, John. I have an allergy to mowing anything. hehehehe

  • Sure looks pretty barren here...John Ammeter, Sat Jul 24 20:48
    To get the ball rolling... I've got a small storm water holding pond out in front of our house. It kind of fulfills my desire to live on the shores of a lake... in a small way. A few months ago... more
    • Barren — Big John, Sun Jul 25 16:04
      • Shoulder replacement...John Ammeter, Sun Jul 25 19:04
        My right shoulder has "moderately severe" arthritis. Doc says as long as I can keep near full range of motion and control pain with over the counter drugs she doesn't recommend any surgical options.... more
        • Shoulders & lawnsBig John, Mon Jul 26 17:06
          When the arthritis got bad enough that even almost toxic doses of morphine every four hours wouldn't control the pain enough for me to pull on a shirt I figured it was time to get something done.... more
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