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John Ammeter
Shoulder replacement...
Sun Jul 25, 2010 19:04

My right shoulder has "moderately severe" arthritis. Doc says as long as I can keep near full range of motion and control pain with over the counter drugs she doesn't recommend any surgical options.

I crash landed on that shoulder about 30 years ago... motorcycle accident. Now, I can't reach far enough back to thread my belt or reach a "behind the hip" handgun. When I volunteered to help teach the Reserve Officers and played the part of the bad guy I told them that they could NOT handcuff me nor pull my arms behind my back.

For mowing I've got a 54" cut Cub Cadet riding mower... I mow about 2 acres of lawn and field.

  • BarrenBig John, Sun Jul 25 16:04
    Damn! Thanks John! I've been hoping someone would stop by and help get this going again. I'd try the same thing out here, but for the past few dry monsoon seasons the pond wouldn't get enough water... more
    • Shoulder replacement... — John Ammeter, Sun Jul 25 19:04
      • Shoulders & lawnsBig John, Mon Jul 26 17:06
        When the arthritis got bad enough that even almost toxic doses of morphine every four hours wouldn't control the pain enough for me to pull on a shirt I figured it was time to get something done.... more
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