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Big John
Shoulders & lawns
Mon Jul 26, 2010 17:06

When the arthritis got bad enough that even almost toxic doses of morphine every four hours wouldn't control the pain enough for me to pull on a shirt I figured it was time to get something done. x-rays showed severe osteoarthritis with bone spurs as much as 1 1/2 cm (that's right CENTIMETERS, not millimeters) long and no cartilage remaining. Bone to bone contact & the surgeon said the bone surfaces were worn completely smooth - didn't feel smooth though. After the surgery I have absolutely no pain in the right shoulder and complete ROM back - I worked at it more than most people would, though. I still have arthritic pain at the A/C joint, but the replacement surgery didn't address that. Some other time. As for mowing lawns, weeds or just about anything green & growing - I'm allergic. Funny thing for a Special Forces Op. to be, and I spent nearly all the time I was in SF hiding that little tidbit from the Army. Practically lived on allergy meds & specific allergy shots. LOL!! Fun while it lasted.

  • Shoulder replacement...John Ammeter, Sun Jul 25 19:04
    My right shoulder has "moderately severe" arthritis. Doc says as long as I can keep near full range of motion and control pain with over the counter drugs she doesn't recommend any surgical options.... more
    • Shoulders & lawns — Big John, Mon Jul 26 17:06
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