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John Ammeter
For a man with allergy's to green stuff...
Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:43

you certainly picked the right place to live.

Where I live would be Hell for you. Green is the only color here except for late July through early September. I've been out in back of my lot clearing brush and old cedar logs from a swampy area. Last winter it had about 6 inches of water and my tractor would have sunk to the axles in the mud. No problem now, though...

I cleared a 100' x 100' x 100' triangle shaped field a year ago.. planted grass where it was a swamp and now have more "lawn" to mow. I think I'll let it grow next year. The grass will get to over 3 feet tall. Should be a nice field for the deer to hide in...

  • Shoulders & lawnsBig John, Mon Jul 26 17:06
    When the arthritis got bad enough that even almost toxic doses of morphine every four hours wouldn't control the pain enough for me to pull on a shirt I figured it was time to get something done.... more
    • For a man with allergy's to green stuff... — John Ammeter, Wed Jul 28 10:43
      • Alergies & location, location, locationBig John, Thu Jul 29 14:20
        You know, if it wasn't for monsoon season (hot and humid which hurts like hell - like right now), frequent winds that cause tremendous dust storms (sometimes traffic comes to a complete halt due to... more
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