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Big John
Alergies & location, location, location
Thu Jul 29, 2010 14:20

You know, if it wasn't for monsoon season (hot and humid which hurts like hell - like right now), frequent winds that cause tremendous dust storms (sometimes traffic comes to a complete halt due to not being able to see the a foot past your windshield) that blows dried up crop dust, tumbleweeds and anything else that dries up and blows away - all of which cause hay fever - this would be a perfect place to live. Except when it's 114 deg F in the shade.... but it's a dry heat heat. I think they say that to fool themselves into thinking it's not really hot. lol... When I was driving the Jeep Tours & introducing city dudes to the desert and our frontier history we had to keep reminding them to drink ALL THE TIME. It is so dry (often less than 5% humidity)that sweat evaporates before you realize you actually are pouring sweat. If they aren't drinking constantly they dehydrate before the end of a three hour tour and fall out. Had to watch them constantly and keep them drinking. Women would ask if there were restroom facilities out there because they were sure than drinking so much they'd have to pee all the time. Never had one person who had to take a leak during even all day tours.
Actually, Jo and I would love to be able to move further north and find a place in the hills at about 4K feet. Allergies wouldn't be any worse there than here, winters might be a little cooler but so would summers for sure and we'd be further away from "civilization" again. There are just too damn many people around here now. We've got at least 5 neighbors within a quarter of a mile of us - and that's not counting our two rental houses. Almost every morning on her way to work Jo sees another car or two also leaving our section out here before she even gets to the highway which is a almost a mile's drive away. Gads! That's a freaking traffic jamb! Next thing you know they'll be replacing the one YIELD sign with a STOP sign.

  • For a man with allergy's to green stuff...John Ammeter, Wed Jul 28 10:43
    you certainly picked the right place to live. Where I live would be Hell for you. Green is the only color here except for late July through early September. I've been out in back of my lot clearing... more
    • Alergies & location, location, location — Big John, Thu Jul 29 14:20
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