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Hope your recovery is going well. (NT) (nm)
Wed Sep 1, 2010 23:55

  • Shoulders & lawnsBig John, Mon Jul 26 17:06
    When the arthritis got bad enough that even almost toxic doses of morphine every four hours wouldn't control the pain enough for me to pull on a shirt I figured it was time to get something done.... more
    • Hope your recovery is going well. (NT) (nm) — swshooter, Wed Sep 1 23:55
    • For a man with allergy's to green stuff...John Ammeter, Wed Jul 28 10:43
      you certainly picked the right place to live. Where I live would be Hell for you. Green is the only color here except for late July through early September. I've been out in back of my lot clearing... more
      • Alergies & location, location, locationBig John, Thu Jul 29 14:20
        You know, if it wasn't for monsoon season (hot and humid which hurts like hell - like right now), frequent winds that cause tremendous dust storms (sometimes traffic comes to a complete halt due to... more
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