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John A
Summer is history....
Sat Oct 9, 2010 10:00

This weekend is forecast to be rainy and windy and we've got a pretty good start to it. Winds up to 23 mph last night and the rain has started. My "pond" out in front of the house will be filling up shortly. I found a picture I took of it a couple years ago when it was full and overflowing through the pipe under the road. It was probably 100 feet x 150 feet x 4 feet deep in the middle.

This summer it dried up by July 20th and I mowed it just a week ago for, I hope, the last time.

Big John, how hot does it get where you live in the summer? I've got an older BMW K1200LT and am looking for a camping trailer to tow behind it. If SWMBO ok's it I want to take a couple weeks and go on a motorcycle camping trip through Eastern Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. Traveling solo and without a trailer I get from 45 to 60 mpg on the bike. I'm guessing the trailer will give me a 5 to 10 mpg penalty but that's not that bad.

    • How hot is summer?Big John, Tue Oct 12 10:33
      Hey John! Good hearing from you. How hot? Usually in the low 100's, maybe something like 105 to 107 F. Sometimes it can hit 120 F but that doesn't happen too often. Throughout most of the Valley of... more
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