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Big John
How hot is summer?
Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:33

Hey John!
Good hearing from you. How hot? Usually in the low 100's, maybe something like 105 to 107 F. Sometimes it can hit 120 F but that doesn't happen too often. Throughout most of the Valley of the Sun the heat is quite dry, so many people think it's cooler than it is because their sweat evaporates almost as fast as it accumulates. They then fail to drink enough and become dehydrated, go into heat stroke, etc. Riding through here on a bike is big time activity throughout the Valley. People from all over the country tour through, as well as many of the large clubs - legit clubs & the real deal gangs. Very, very rarely do they cause any trouble at all. The bigger the threat a gang might be earns them a police escort of considerable size, with helicopters no less. Especially around this area with so many prisons nearby. Anyway, you'd enjoy the trip so I hope to see you drop by.
Big John

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    • How hot is summer? — Big John, Tue Oct 12 10:33
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