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Big John
Knife making
Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:58

I'm posting this to the group, but part of it is for Brother Paul. My recovery from the ankle fubar followed by having total replacements of both shoulders is coming along GREAT ! The doc has been somewhat astonished by my high speed recovery. With both shoulders, at the six week check up he expected to see the arm still in a sling and almost immovable. Instead, I had more than 90% mobility and some strength recovery. His words (paraphrased a little 'cuz of CRS) were that at six weeks post op I had recovered more than most of the population does in 6 months. When I went in for the sixth week check up on the left shoulder, the right shoulder (done first) had better flexibility and more strength than the vast majority get - ever. I do remember him saying "You didn't keep this in a sling for the past six weeks, did you!" I told him I'd bet he'd never had a Green Beret Medic for a patient. We make terrible patients because we don't have any patients. >grin<
I am working again, finally, and Paul - I am working on your knife again. It is still pretty slow going because of a lack of shoulder/arm strength but I'm working on that. My stamina is still awfully low, but I'm working on that, too. I'll get it all done and caught up - it's just going to take a little longer than I ever suspected.
Big John

    • Good news...John Ammeter, Wed Oct 13 23:54
      I'm happy to hear how well you're doing from your shoulder surgerys. As I told you before, I'm thinking I'll be in line for something like that in a few months/years. I went to a meeting tonight and... more
      • Knife makingBig John, Sat Oct 16 15:04
        How long are you planning on living, John? LOL!!! I'm so far behind on custom guns and Paul's knife that the next knife I make will probably be ready a few years from now. No, not really. But I was... more
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