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Big John
Knife making
Sat Oct 16, 2010 15:04

How long are you planning on living, John? LOL!!! I'm so far behind on custom guns and Paul's knife that the next knife I make will probably be ready a few years from now. No, not really. But I was totally stopped in my tracks for more than a year, at least. Especially during the time these two shoulder surgeries were being done. As soon as I could move my right arm (first one done) enough to get a fork or a drink to my mouth I went in to get the left one done. Crowd them together and get them both out of the way ASAP! Now I'm trying to get strong enough to rack the slide on a 1911A1 & hold a blade up to the grinder or the buffer. Swinging a hammer again will still be a while off. That part is done on Paul's knife, so it's just finish grinding/buffing & guard/handle making. Oh, then a sheath. I've got 3 total custom 1911A1 builds to do (paid for up front!) but I am getting better and a little stronger each day so I might be able to do a stainless (154CM or something) stock removal knife for you in a few months. Would that be okay? Think about it. Paul, going out to work on yours right now. Bye all!

  • Good news...John Ammeter, Wed Oct 13 23:54
    I'm happy to hear how well you're doing from your shoulder surgerys. As I told you before, I'm thinking I'll be in line for something like that in a few months/years. I went to a meeting tonight and... more
    • Knife making — Big John, Sat Oct 16 15:04
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