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John A
Is it wrong to take advantage of someone's death...
Mon Oct 25, 2010 21:21

Well, maybe not... I'm in the market for a BMW R1200GSA motorcycle and a local person just passed away that owns/owned exactly what I want. A mutual friend told me about it and I'm waiting for a price from the widow. If it's right, I'll be the proud owner of a motorcycle that would be perfect for road AND rough gravel road riding.

I already have BMW K1200LT that is great for road work but I want something that I can use for rougher road work.

Not sure if I can persuade my wife to let me do that much "traveling" but I'd sure like to take off for a week or two and visit a few friends in CA, NV, AZ, ID, OR and UT...

    • Looks interesting indeed...Paul, Sun Nov 21 08:17
      I can't begin to imagine what they'd want for one of those down here... a Suzuki 200cc Enduro type bike sells for around $6,500 US... anything larger is quite a bit higher, with the exception of the... more
    • She and the local dealer came up with a price that was almost equal to the price of a new bike. After I had a chance to ride it I decided to pass on the "deal". I'm part West Coast Indian and we're... more
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