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John Ammeter
Deja Vu...
Sat Feb 19, 2011 22:48

My Mom died four years ago on February 24th. Two months earlier she told my Aunt that she would now have to be the "mother" to her three sons. Mom made it to Christmas that year... she was happy with all of her family and took great delight giving gift cards to all of us. The day after Christmas I called her to visit as I did almost every day. She didn't answer the phone. I called again and again with no answer. Finally, I called the front desk of the assisted living place where she was and asked them to check on her. She was found on the floor next to her bed. She was in her nightgown so must have been there for at least 8 hours.

I stayed with her that night and she was taken to the hospital the next day where the Doc said she was likely die within a week or so. She proved him wrong, living until February 24th.

Now, my dear Aunt is dieing.... she has alzheimers and renal failure. She doesn't want to eat... hasn't eaten more than 300 calories/day for at least two weeks... I visit her every day or two. She still knows me... I'm her "favorite nephew" and used to tell everyone that would listen that over and over again. Today, she was sleeping.

I'm sorry and ashamed to say that I wish she would simply go to sleep and not wake up. It would be best for her and everyone that loves her. She has NO future or hope for a meaningful live. She's 95 years old and has lived through much of our country's history.

I've enjoyed our many visits and discussions about our family history. When she passes, I'll be the eldest of our family... I only wish I'd learned more of our family before she forgot so much...

    • Never be ashamed of...Big John, Thu Mar 10 16:40
      If someone has lost all "quality of life", when there isn't anything to look forward to and life is just a living death, then I don't believe it is wrong to wish, hope or pray for them to just pass... more
      • My aunt passed away on Feb 25th.John Ammeter, Thu Mar 10 17:01
        She passed away in her sleep about 7 AM. Now, she's "across the road" from her home of 60 years next to her husband. Een had pretty much been waiting for the "move" to the cemetery after her husband... more
    • It ain't easy lettin' go, but do notPaul, Sun Feb 20 10:51
      feel bad about praying that she will soon come to rest. When my dad was dying of kidney cancer a few years ago we were praying for his healing. But as it became more clear that this was not going to... more
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