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It ain't easy lettin' go, but do not
Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:51

feel bad about praying that she will soon come to rest. When my dad was dying of kidney cancer a few years ago we were praying for his healing. But as it became more clear that this was not going to happen we asked the Lord to not let him suffer any more but to take him quickly. The night before he died he told me, "Paul, I won't be here much longer. I can hear the Lord calling me." The next morning he passed away about 15 minutes before I got back to his room. It's not easy letting go, but sometimes we have to. I, too, wish I'd learned more from him, and grandpa, and - the list goes on - before they passed away. Still, I live each day the way he taught me and thank the Good Lord for the example they set.

  • Deja Vu...John Ammeter, Sat Feb 19 22:48
    My Mom died four years ago on February 24th. Two months earlier she told my Aunt that she would now have to be the "mother" to her three sons. Mom made it to Christmas that year... she was happy with ... more
    • Never be ashamed of...Big John, Thu Mar 10 16:40
      If someone has lost all "quality of life", when there isn't anything to look forward to and life is just a living death, then I don't believe it is wrong to wish, hope or pray for them to just pass... more
      • My aunt passed away on Feb 25th.John Ammeter, Thu Mar 10 17:01
        She passed away in her sleep about 7 AM. Now, she's "across the road" from her home of 60 years next to her husband. Een had pretty much been waiting for the "move" to the cemetery after her husband... more
    • It ain't easy lettin' go, but do not — Paul, Sun Feb 20 10:51
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