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Big John
Thu Mar 10, 2011 16:27

For some reason all my notices regarding Big John Country have been getting chucked into so file I've never seen before. We also changed ISP's so my new email address is:
My dad went about as quickly as he would want to (almost) when living had lost all its appeal. He was 92 1/2 to the day. RIP and God Bless Him. He was a good man and someone to be admired.

  • I lost my Dad 25 years ago...John Ammeter, Mon Dec 27 20:33
    But the loss is never forgotten... I have one picture of him taken about one or two years before he died. He's sitting on a pile of dirt from a fish rearing pond project my brother convinced him... more
    • Late — Big John, Thu Mar 10 16:27
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