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Big John
Thu Mar 10, 2011 16:47

I wish I could help you and I appreciate the fact that someone thought enough of my work to recommend me, but... I've had to pretty much stop leather work for two reasons. The first is lack of time. I have orders for custom ammunition and custom 1911A1's that I'm having trouble filling. Second is Arthur... Old Mr. Arthur Itis. That old sumbish has just about got my hands eaten up. I guess maybe I could have used them a lot more years if I hadn't had so much fun hitting stuff and breaking it, but more than 50 years in martial arts and all that done my striking bones a real beating. Can't complain - I had fun. Just can't do everything I want to anymore. Good luck with SASS and have fun!

  • leatherTom, Sat Feb 26 16:56
    John, My wife and I are getting into SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. It was recommended on another site to contact you for my gun rig. I am looking for something simple, John Wayne style. We do not have ... more
    • Leather — Big John, Thu Mar 10 16:47
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