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Big John
Who, me?
Sun Jun 12, 2011 08:01

Check in? Here? I've been off having my old left knee removed and a new one put in its place. Before that it was both shoulders, same treatments. Before that it was the right knee - same thing. Pretty soon there won't be enough original me to belong here anymore. If I had the money I'd pay the upkeep on this site so nobody steals it like they did the last one. Maybe soon, I hope. Today will be my second day back in the shop. I plan to spend about two hours working on Paul's knife (only about 5 years overdue)and then the rest of the day working on the three 1911's I've already been paid for - one year overdue, each. This spare parts replacement stuff has taken up too much of my time. I hope all of you have been preparing well for the disaster our usurper in thief and his congressional horse thieves have been steering us into. I'm afraid it is going to lead to CWII and a simultaneous super depression. God bless and help us all. God Bless America and keep her safe and free. God bless all of you.
Big John

    • Good to see a post here...John Ammeter, Thu Jun 23 17:58
      I check in every week or so to see if anyone's been busy. My right shoulder is still reminding me that I can't throw with it nor lift above my head. My left shoulder is feeling left out and is now... more
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