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John Ammeter
Good to see a post here...
Thu Jun 23, 2011 17:58

I check in every week or so to see if anyone's been busy. My right shoulder is still reminding me that I can't throw with it nor lift above my head. My left shoulder is feeling left out and is now chiming in with some complaints, too... so far, the knee's aren't complaining but there's still time for them to join in the party.

My wife broke her ankle about three months ago. She thought it was "just" a sprain and walked on it for two weeks. Finally listened to me (only took two weeks) and went to have it X-rayed. I could tell with a glance at the X-ray that it was broken. She has neuropathy in her feet so not that much "feeling"... maybe that was why she could walk on a broken ankle for two weeks.

Enough of the old fart complaints...

We're going to celebrate our 40 years of marriage this summer by going to a Blind Convention in Sparks, NV, then to Las Vegas for a couple days, to Prescott for a couple days to visit a distant relative and the area followed with a leisurely drive home through Zion National Park, SLC and Idaho... will take about a two week vacation from the daily grind of feeding the dog, mowing the lawn and projects around home.

I'm "thinking" of buying a new BMW K1600GTL motorcycle this winter. That's the earliest they will be available. I had a chance to try one out a month or so ago. Six cylinders and 160 HP plus great handling makes a really nice motorcycle....


  • Who, me?Big John, Sun Jun 12 08:01
    Check in? Here? I've been off having my old left knee removed and a new one put in its place. Before that it was both shoulders, same treatments. Before that it was the right knee - same thing.... more
    • Good to see a post here... — John Ammeter, Thu Jun 23 17:58
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