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Big John
SELLING???? guns?
Wed Aug 3, 2011 13:50

What is it with boyz and their murdercycles! At this stage in life I'd love to own one and go for long rides in the open air with the wind blowing free and cold and the rain and the fog freezing on my nose and mustach..... oh... and my major osteoarthritis and both artificial shoulder joints and both artificial knee joints, plate and screws in my neck, Coflex devise holding my lower spine in place and those four remaining chunks of lead that I'm sure are collecting and concentrating the freeze.... I think I'll stick to my bicycle. At least if I crash I won't be going 92 mph. John, do you have a Winchester M97 Trench Gun (or clone) in that collection? Or any 1911's? Or an LCP in .380 Auto? Go ahead and stick the list right on here. You never know...
Big John

  • I'm buying a new BMW bike...John A, Tue Aug 2 22:27
    and, my hope is that next summer I can take off on it for a couple weeks. Head South in the late Spring before it gets too hot for Arizona and Nevada. Google the BMW K1600GTL. I own a BMW K1200LT now ... more
    • SELLING???? guns? — Big John, Wed Aug 3 13:50
      • Well, I finally...Paul, Thu Aug 4 08:16
        managed to sell my GN125 and got a "BIG" bike - a Honda XL200. The GN125 would make it up and over La Linea (highest pass between here and Bogotá) only by staying at 10,000 rpm's. I was afraid I was... more
      • Here's the list of guns for sale....John Ammeter, Wed Aug 3 15:13
        > Sig Sauer P245 Compact .45 ACP with 5 mags & holster, $500 > > Savage 24B over/under .22LR/.410, $375 > > Winchester 94AE 20” barrel .45 Long Colt With Williams Peep Sight, $450 > > Winchester 94AE ... more
        • Gun ListBig John, Thu Aug 4 00:34
          I love it & my dad's house is finally selling (which only means we'll be paying my brother $500/mo. literally for the rest of our lives, but that's $500 LESS than we're paying the estate now) and... more
          • I don't understand...John A, Sun Aug 7 00:09
            Why would you be paying your brother after the house sells? And what does a life insurance policy have to do with doing business? I'm confused... John
            • Paying for life & life ins.Big John, Mon Aug 8 10:08
              John, It's not that confusing, I just don't write well. A few years ago when everyone thought life would go on as before (before most of us had ever heard the name Obama), my dad's house was... more
              • I'm still cornfused... but that's normal...John Ammeter, Mon Aug 8 10:19
                I THINK I understand what you wrote. Speaking of the economy and house values, we just got the assessors valuation of our house. It dropped about 25 to 30% from last year. We don't have a mortgage so ... more
                • State of Confusion, USABig John, Tue Aug 9 02:47
                  Along with a massive head injury I received a massive problem with complex problems. If there is more than one part to deal with I'm screwed and didn't even get to toss the used condom into a... more
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