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Big John
Paying for life & life ins.
Mon Aug 8, 2011 10:08

It's not that confusing, I just don't write well. A few years ago when everyone thought life would go on as before (before most of us had ever heard the name Obama), my dad's house was appraised at nearly $1 million. My dad had lost his entire life savings on very shady stock market investments recommended by "expert financial advisers" hired by McDonnell Douglas to advise their employees reaching retirement. Dad gave them three chances at it and lost all of his accumulated retirement all three times - he effectively retired three times since he started work with Douglas at age 24 in 1942 and quit working at age 85 - 61 years later, and died at age 91 1/2 to the day. Therefore, the only inheritance my younger brother and I would get was to be the profit from selling the house. Since I'm 100% disabled and not able to work in LE anymore and can't work fast enough to earn a viable income making knives, leather goods, custom guns or general gunsmithing, we worked out a 'loan' on most of my half of the anticipated net worth of the house. With this money we divided our 5 acres here into thirds and put in two double wide manufactured homes as income property, do some repairs and such on our place and purchase the Dillon reloading presses and other equipment to get the ammunition mfg. business going. Prior to Obama taking (stealing?) office that business was really going well, netting us more than $2K/mo - double that if we pushed the internet side for sales. Obama came in and our primary contract accounting for 90% of our ammo sales went into hibernation mode until the economy picked up. Right. Then the other 10% company was virtually forced out of business and here we are, trying to sell a Dillon 650 and a Dillon Super 1050, the 650 is virtually new & just gone over by a top engineer at Dillon, and the Super 1050 IS new, is set up for 9mm Luger and was just tweaked to perfection by the same engineer at Dillon. Anyway, back to our story of woe: Even though the house had been worth much more we set a "surely it can't go any lower than..." price on his house and he took a 2nd for even less than that plus another $60K to pay off all of his outstanding debts so they wouldn't be there when he passed away. We have been making interest only payments on that loan as agreed knowing that the sale of the house would cover the pay back on the 2nd which would mean that both my rental properties and all the loading equipment would be free and clear and put some money in my pocket and a big chunk (something like $350K in my brothers pocket. We just accepted the highest offer on the house we'll see and it's half of what we needed to see. We know we'll be getting more than enough to cover that 2nd so that will be paid off - but it should not have to eat into my brother's half of the sale value of the house. That is his inheritance by right. Therefore it is incumbent on me to pay the difference to him. The life insurance policy is an unexpected windfall I'm splitting with Bill outside of the estate (shhhhhhh!) and it might be enough to at least partially sooth my conscience about using some of it to do some business with you regarding part of your arsenal. Now clear? I'd LIKE to relieve you of the burden you must feel having to not only safeguard but also clean the darn things. Those that I would be interested in (from memory cuz I can't find the sheet I printed out right now) are the AR 15, Walther PPK S, Marlin 1895 45-70 and the Ruger Mini-14. IF Lil'Jo EVEN allowed the purchase of ONE, I know she wouldn't allow me back in the house if suddenly more than one of 'em tried to sneak in. Any price haggling? Especially for more than one? I know Lil'Jo would LOVE something smaller than her Ultra Compact 1911 .45 Auto to lug around all day. Even though it's a lightweight model 1911 for her it gets heavy after 5 or 6 hours. Gotta get back out to the shop. Later, Big John

  • I don't understand...John A, Sun Aug 7 00:09
    Why would you be paying your brother after the house sells? And what does a life insurance policy have to do with doing business? I'm confused... John
    • Paying for life & life ins. — Big John, Mon Aug 8 10:08
      • I'm still cornfused... but that's normal...John Ammeter, Mon Aug 8 10:19
        I THINK I understand what you wrote. Speaking of the economy and house values, we just got the assessors valuation of our house. It dropped about 25 to 30% from last year. We don't have a mortgage so ... more
        • State of Confusion, USABig John, Tue Aug 9 02:47
          Along with a massive head injury I received a massive problem with complex problems. If there is more than one part to deal with I'm screwed and didn't even get to toss the used condom into a... more
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