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Sat Dec 10, 2011 20:29

Several years ago when I was much younger and much smaller my two brothers and I decided to explore a cave near our house. It was a "crack" in the hillside and the floor of it sloped downhill and around the corner. A few days earlier I'd tossed a round rock into the cave and had heard it rolling down the slope banging into the sides until silence for about 2 seconds. Followed by a loud "splash" into water...

We had some ropes and flashlights. We were as prepared as three teenagers could be. We went down the slope to the 8 foot drop off where we paused to discuss further action. Tom was at the drop off with me just above him and Ray above me. As we talked about what we'd be doing next I shined my flashlight up to the upper recesses of the crack. I saw spiders crawling down the rock walls. Their body was the size of the end of my thumb and their legs spanned at least 4 inches..... They were directly above Tom.

While I held the light on them I nonchalantly asked Tom if he'd ever seen spiders that big before. Now, he was about 15 years old but he let out a scream a 9 year old girl would be proud of... he literally ran over me and Ray on his way out of the cave.

We never did find out what was down there. To this day I don't know if anyone has gone down there....

  • Dusty, but look out for the...Big John, Sat Dec 10 20:04
    spider webs. What look like dust webs could in fact be disguised spidy webbers. They spidys here hide in caves they dig straight down into the floors and on down into the ground. Then they cover over ... more
    • Spiders... — John Ammeter, Sat Dec 10 20:29
      • Spidy holesBig John, Sun Dec 11 17:59
        And I most solemnly promise and swear not to go check it out and report back to you. You'll just have to wonder. Sorry.
        • I've offered to show several people where this is...John Ammeter, Sun Dec 11 20:57
          but, strangely, no one has taken me up on the offer. Who knows, there may be Indian relics down there. The area is known to be an Indian Spiritual site.....
          • Indian spiritual siteBig John, Sun Dec 11 23:52
            My property is out a ways from the Casa Grande Ruins, but the Hohokam people and others dug hundreds of miles of irrigation canals and had thousands of acres of land under cultivation all through the ... more
      • "all we have to fear is fear itself - and spiders" Having spent a good portion of my life within the confines of the Amazon basin, it has been my lot to observe a wide variety of biological beings.... more
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