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Indian spiritual site
Sun Dec 11, 2011 23:52

My property is out a ways from the Casa Grande Ruins, but the Hohokam people and others dug hundreds of miles of irrigation canals and had thousands of acres of land under cultivation all through the area of several counties around here. Point is that we have an old one's spirit living here - strangely enough in our well house. That doesn't preclude him from making himself at home in MY house, though. First come, first ... whatever, I guess. I've often caught glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye - and even on the right side where I no longer have sight. Visual cortex of the left hemisphere got shot out. He also plays little jokes like yanking my chair back away from the computer while I'm sitting in it, or kicking the base of the chair (a five wheeled desk chair contraption) INTO the desk - never too hard, just enough to jolt me some. He's also done similar things to Lil'Jo and to her best friend who is part Native American and very receptive to their presence. Call me weird.

  • I've offered to show several people where this is...John Ammeter, Sun Dec 11 20:57
    but, strangely, no one has taken me up on the offer. Who knows, there may be Indian relics down there. The area is known to be an Indian Spiritual site.....
    • Indian spiritual site — Big John, Sun Dec 11 23:52
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