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Had a good day today...
Tue Dec 20, 2011 22:51

About 20 years ago my wife decided she wanted a sports car so we ended up buying a 75 Jensen Healey convertible. I did a bit of improvements to it with after market carbs and an electronic ignition. About 10 years ago the brakes went out and, while I fixed that problem, we didn't drive it again. Stored it in the garage and, later, in my shop over here in our new home.

About a month ago I pulled the cover off of it to find mice had destroyed the interior and the trunk.. mouse shit and piss everywhere along with two large nests. I'd kept comprehensive insurance on it and the insurance company paid for a complete restoration of the car. Amazed me..

But, we really didn't want to keep it so we've let people know it was available. It sold today and the check is, while not as much as we'd hoped, still better than it would have been with the mouse damage.

My K1200LT BMW motorcycle has been available for sale now that I've got the new K1600GTL. I wasn't actively advertizeing it but would let it be known it was for sale. A man that I went to school with has committed to buying it and I'll be delivering it in a couple days. I really hesitate to sell to friends but this bike is in such great condition that I have NO hesitation to sell to him.

I know he'll get many wonderful rides on it. Hell, maybe we'll do some rides together. He lives on the coast about 200 miles Southwest from me. It's a 4 hour drive but he'll drive me back home after I deliver the bike and the cargo trailer I had built to haul behind it.

I do have to say that riding the LT is completely different than the new GTL... the LT is about 130 pounds heavier and that weight is much higher on the bike. Real difference in handling... That's why I love the new bike.... that much lighter and 60 more horsepower!!!

    • Somehow I missed these way back when...Paul, Fri May 4 11:28
      Glad to hear you had a last enjoyable ride on the bike, albeit a bit cold. :) My own bike's in the shop. The inspection expired back in January, not too long before my trip to Brazil, and the... more
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