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John Ammeter
Last long ride...
Thu Dec 22, 2011 20:48

I took one last long ride today on my BMW K1200LT. 200 miles in fog, frost and temps as low as 23 degrees. It was a great ride except for the fog, frost and the low temps.... grin..... I delivered the bike to its new owner in Ocean Park, WA. For those of you that don't know Ocean Park is on the Long Beach peninsula in the Southwest corner of Washington State. The new owner had only seen pictures of the bike and I was very pleased that, when he actually saw the bike firsthand, he exclaimed how beautiful it was and that it looked just like it was brand new.

I know he'll be happy with the bike. I've had some long rides on it and it's a pleasure to ride. Very smooth and comfortable. He also purchased the cargo trailer I'd bought for camping, etc.... but had never used.... That was the first time I'd pulled the trailer any distance and, honestly, I never even felt it behind the bike. It did affect the mpg a bit... about 4 mpg or so...

I've already replaced the K1200LT with a new K1600GTL model. I'm hoping/planning on some long trips with it next spring and summer. I think I'm going to hold off on any more winter riding until the temperature gets ABOVE 50 degrees. At 23 degrees in Quilcene it was time to stop for some warm coffee... once I got to Long Beach it felt positively warm at 44 degrees.

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