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Somehow I missed these way back when...
Fri May 4, 2012 11:28

Glad to hear you had a last enjoyable ride on the bike, albeit a bit cold. :) My own bike's in the shop. The inspection expired back in January, not too long before my trip to Brazil, and the insurance expired right before I returned. The bike's been burning oil for some time and I knew it needed work when I bought it. So called my mechanic last week and he brought his pickup over to haul it over to his place. They pulled the motor and then pulled off the head and cylinder. The bottom end is fine still, but the cylinder needs honed and a new piston/rings/seals/etc will be installed. Am also getting the chassis and exhaust painted while it's torn down. Once we get it back together it'll be almost like riding a new bike. :)

  • Had a good day today...John Ammeter, Tue Dec 20 22:51
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    • Somehow I missed these way back when... — Paul, Fri May 4 11:28
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