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As a matter of fact,
Wed Nov 28, 2012 08:51

I still have most of a box of that 38 ammo. Found it the other day. It's all been good ammo, but did have some longitudinal cracks show up in about four cases. Western brand, if I recall correctly. My guess is that they were originally loaded with the old mercuric primers and were simply too brittle for the mild load he had listed for them, or for ANY load as far as that goes. No harm caused, don't even recall if the cracks showed up at firing or when I tumbled them prior to reloading.

Sheri and I were up that way earlier this fall, but the NWSOM had us running the whole time so didn't have time to stop in to say "Howdy!" We did catch up with Caz and his bride buy missed the rest of the North Wet folks.

It's great to see repeat customers for your pond. :)

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    • As a matter of fact, — Paul, Wed Nov 28 08:51
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